Suno Deko

Suno Deko is the alias of poet and experimental-pop musician David Courtright.  Suno Deko's self titled LP tells the story of the shifting dynamics of long-lasting love, of feeling like an outsider in your own body and the world, of fear and grace, of patience, of difficult choices, and of longing and vulnerability.  

The record was written and hammered out during a relentless year of touring with Julie Byrne, which took the two of them across the continent twice over to just about every DIY space imaginable: a New Orleans puppetry theater, a geodesic dome in rural Missouri, a Veterans of Foreign Wars outpost in frigid Missoula, and dives, punk houses, basements, and everything else in between. 

Engineered primarily in Atlanta by Ben Price, Suno Deko features contributions from Nicole Miglis and Zach Tetreault of Hundred Waters, (“Swan Song")” as well as Julie Byrne (“Alone with You”), Jake Falby of Mutual Benefit (“Falling In,” “Altar,” and “Swan Song”), and others.

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